Welcome to Punctuated Art, where real humans help you to design the graphics you need! We work with all types of businesses, from small one-person startups to multi-tiered businesses that have been working with us for years. We even take on personal projects. These might include a print-on-demand memory book, a custom birthday banner, or overlaying your new kitchen tile so you can see the finished product before you commit.

Our specialty is the design of product packaging, boxes, labels, hang tags and product inserts. We’ve worked with vitamins and supplements, makeup, healthcare items, cannabis and CBD items along with frozen desserts, drinks and other consumables. Our job is to make your project look the absolute best it can and to help you get all of the required elements in place before it goes to print.

Once you start a project with us, we’ll ask for a few examples of the style you’re considering along with details about your project. We’ll then work back and forth with you until we get to a design with which you’re 100% happy. Take a look around our site and contact us today. It’s less expensive to get your project completed than you might think!